class dvg_devices.Arduino_protocol_serial.Arduino(name='Ard_1', long_name='Arduino', connect_to_specific_ID=None)[source]

Bases: dvg_devices.BaseDevice.SerialDevice

Provides higher-level general I/O methods for communicating with an Arduino(-like) board over the serial connection.

The Arduino could be programmed to respond to a so-called ‘identity’ query over the serial connection. It must reply to ASCII command “id?” with an ASCII string response. Choosing a unique identity response per each Arduino in your project allows for auto-connecting to your Arduino without having to specify the serial port.

On the Arduino side:

I also provide a C++ library for the Arduino(-like) device. It provides listening to a serial port for commands and act upon them. This library can be used in conjunction (but not required) with this Python module. See

Most important methods inherited from SerialDevice:

See SerialDevice for the documentation of all the methods and attributes that are available. Instances of this class will tie in nicely with QDeviceIO.